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Related article: Date : Fri, 2 September 23, 2011 09th 25 0100 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 79 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imation page and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the Lolitas Top 100 table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file format so that if theting or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** As always checking for updates, you must return to the message regularfortnightly a bit now that the holiday season is in. Lolitas Top 100 ************************************** **** ******** ************************************** **** **** Chapter 79 - A room with a View feeling very uncomfortable and not want attention, he slipped quietly Arts his chair back and watched carefully to see that observed. Or to be more precise, was not observedIng ! Everybody loved him, see the erection and almost all children at this age are suddenly with in the middle of a lesson in compromise inevitable. Under no circumstances, kind can always be taken as an exception to this rule in mind, so that when doing everything possible to hide the growing bulge in the attached pants, which still failed miserably! Enter a very strange way to keep up with the legs together in an attempt to pants and hands down on the front moved across the aisle between the tables by the window. It is not surprising in a classroom full of 15 year old did not exist that many who do not have any kind of erection anyway, and was very n little, that art was not uncommon do something to hide. It was during all, said the winks and gestures, he was walking around the room spoke by itself so that when they reached more than half of Richard class Lolitas Top 100 laughed softly. " WOT we have to do then?" Whispered Richard, that fwindow as and therefore the hope of avoiding more than call attention to itself. "Open the damn window I spose," said Richie, with a smile, his eyes and focused on the package, and then realized his pants were triggered in the to the obvious waist and dazzling. "Fuckin 'hell, look, dass. Hey, you made yer pants undone. " After even more closely with art and Nigel was involved in the toilet children, life -changing experience, most cleared above which inhibitions Richard asked very brave, on the issues. "Shut up! Oh, shit, to be again! Glide " art looked and tried to drag a of pants back to the increasing expansion of seed cap color No cotton underneath. "WOT we doing? Standing on both sides and push ? " " I ' spose. "Richard smiled. " I am strong, which could push up if you want " Richard could not take things on the window. After having been active plays with his huge foreskin below table, in view of Arin t to Lolitas Top 100 the thrust of her underwear flying through the half open by the mere power of the penis is think about it too ! " Fuck you ! " Type breath, wanting to return to the safety of your own desk, " Now go and fuck the other side. " N "You be careful, not what you do. " Miss Jameson looked to see what was happening. This in turn alarmed the whole class, so if I had not already noticed, which was the signal for all eyes to look through the windows and the back of the art and Richard. the sit around and answer questions of a sexual nature is reports the profile of Richard by his gray trousers, such as position n press the window. "In three-count later. " Said Richard sounds very excited, because once was the center of attention. " Yer, well," nodded friendly and very, very carefully stretched his arms above s than willing to push on the top bar of the window. " One.. two... three ! Push! " " Uuuhhhhhhh " " does not move, is too rigid innit ? " Said Art ina deep breath. Drop arms, grabbed his pants hook secured, that went down enough to slip under the waistband of Wolsey to suspend tail rumpled shirt, a detail was carefully noted by James. However, the window was not as rigid Lolitas Top 100 as Eric. Mesmerized by her firm breasts Miss James s boats had precum stains on the interior was the pants during the last ten minutes. is ", pants, Nice Wolsey, " whispered James, who sat on the next guy, then began to laugh. "You'll shoot ' em down for us? " N " It's fucked up ! Quiet, or I'll pull your fucking pants ' down, so" He said art n quietly around quickly. " if you will, " James said before, his head buried to absorb into the hands of WoT his laugh of Nelson 's it, then the points? " " Guys, it looks as if it is open. "Said Miss Jameson, his best concern is not time to lose valuable lesson. " Leave it, I get the House Master to attend to them later. " " Oh, shit ! "Said Art, who islook down and see the large stain visible through his pants partially unsealed. He took out his over again, and prayed that they just stay. "No ma'am, we only have one to go. " Richard responded with enthusiasm of art before it could be said, reaching back to the top rail of the window. reluctantly followed his good works, despite a terrible foreboding flash that all end in tears. Her tears. I only knew it. " right one.. two.. three... push! " Richard comes to an end before the break and could abort Miss Jameson whose activity. begins with a terrible shriek at the bottom of the window move was forced by several inches, so the boys n fast on tiptoe with arms stretched above them if can get a. " This is better. " Feel the breeze through Richard. While the track had removed his shirt untucked school is still a space now filled in your stomach a white chubbyd, the top two inches of a Lolitas Top 100 pair of the ubiquitous , if not cut tall and bulky fronts. " Oh, Y- Front How strange! " James added that he was in the pocket of his s and starts to laugh uncontrollably. The art was a breeze. Freely between your legs was blowing white, delightfully fresh in your head warm, sticky wave blew through shorts and trousers, which clung precariously far below their knees. Follow n the moment of silence, the screams of the window, was s soon vanished, when the whole class saw what had happened, and broke into laughter. They were sitting close enough to see the detail was rolling with laughter and said that art is also adorned with studs ass irregular in your face. was a pure reflection, which revolves around him to deal with the kind of fact and so accidentally hitting your children always show all the n rooms. Bouncing as he moved, flowed red and angry about the mass of hair cum n pubis wet, gleaming bulbous headthe sunlight. " Oh, my God," whispered Miss Jameson himself. She married and taught with for a few years ago was very aware that children developed instincts can not be managed properly. But this particular point of view unprecedented racing heart, was a kind of frantic. Bright red in the face, who rushed to get his underwear and pants only to find that it was his own erection clog issues. Nigel Much consternation was evident that the art was is not too surprising, since it was the laughter, the young lady Jameson struggled to gain control. as if the art is a completely extreme shame, as the announcement of up for his prolific achievements masturbationary he writings Ian. Decorated with splodges of dry seeds and after appropriate willing to fund young hands for nearly two days, were destroyed stretched, distorted and generally quite unpleasant. It could not be n confuse what he did in tAhem, but unfortunately it was not just mature appearance, which so amused the class, but the content. for each time managed to sort his cock rebel force immediately jumped in n from the elastic no, when I went to pull up his pants. with does not increase the laughter would have written a better comedy has to show. Overwhelmed by the noise and the desperate situation, he first saw a Miss Jameson, still fighting for control of the class and then n to Nigel. contact with eyes. Nigel capture the fear that the unfortunate way it passes rose from his desk and walked to the window. are front of him, suggesting to turn it around so that the class does not see what happened. Nigel was very surprised to see the point of view of art face, seemed to point. Even if n is half-naked with his best friend in the front of the class type set, you can , possibly even worse than they already were. Grab "yer cock and keep it in your pants, "said Nigel firmly. To was the sound of the class, he leaned over to speak at the hearing, " just have it and I get up yer damn pants ! " s few moments later was writing, wondering Nigel received applause. Even Miss Jameson made ​​a gesture of thanks and left " for Please, for him to wash toilets and face with cold water, clean n le. "She said. " Look, do not come back until the lesson ended, and that was all gone. " This led Nigel desperate across the room and the hallway to the bathroom next guy. When they left, now ara restored. N spite of several bouts of giggling and laughing much fainter was the strange math lesson with Miss Jameson teaching called to the end. Now they had to kind of address to tell, but what? Brian on weights and springs that Alex was pretty boring met n, are more important things than hn is the mind to play with feathers. First, the controversial issue of the masturbating machine. Of these, the controversial question was, how, who, n get to use it ? I hope not, would have risen early and had lost the morning ritual straw stared at the mysterious box in the corner wondering if The hole was very cozy in the back. Deep in naughty thoughts about only when and how he wanted his dick to get into it, decided to land a fly n in his bare legs and distracted, put a hand on the brush, but it was a second forward again. Irritated, he threw his hand and then a second third time only to disappear and then appear to fly too to his surprise, the leg of his pants! at the bottom, behind the front of the table and legs hidden underlying the Simon, but choked with laughter. the hand of his left s was due in part to the right pant leg and the right list Brian n in the vault, which moves rapidly due toBrian reached into his pocket. Finally, Brian looked up exactly what he was so upset n and almost jumped out of his skin to see, Simon was sitting under the table wild n smiled. Settlement by surprise, it was only with great willpower that remembered where he was and gave themselves to a select few expletives n. Alex and notes, movement and Brian looked surprised put his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing when he saw Simon under the table. " Sshhh silence... " Simon whispered, pulling said Brian closed the hem of his pants. " WOT, WOT you do? " Asked Brian nervous waiting. his erection : hard and rigid, with positive results and ringing of the attention was inside his short. " do not know. " Simon put his hand on the front of his shorts, his own attitude erection. As for Brian before the shorts a few inches in front of his the face, he had an idea. "WOT to do, I have to hand yer yer pocket and leaveyer cock alone! is " Simon can be very inventive when it is excited and Alex looked to see what happens , now in his pocket. Both were surprised if Simon was not a short head, surrounded by two hands instead of the n in the top of one of the socks, Brian gray and began slowly pulling to the ankles. does not sound like much, but the feeling that gave Brian n of helplessness and moved so slowly in the class had the desired effect. at that time were the socks that had started a small wet spot in your panties. " Come, that out, " whispered Tom, and Alex was notified aa what was going on. Simon was determined to make the most of his opportunity with a willing victim. a hand gently touched the front of the shorts caused Brian, trying to keep her legs together for the thrill you click on that, but soon was stopped when Simon opened his hand and from very slow to go his way to the inside of the legs. Tom and Alex saw Enthrails, each with its own erection as kneading by hand Simon disappeared into the pant legs, at which Simon and reaches to pull decisively in the zip. " Fuck! Stop... Stop!" Brian whistled. With growth, if it gets wet in the tiny shorts knew he was nearing its climax, Simon had the magic touch no doubt. Chinese water torture had nothing on this subject. A barely audible ping announced the disappearance of the buckle and the two halves of the march slowly opened to reveal the dazzling white of some very new shorts. Alex opened his mouth and stared, Simon would be able to repeat this performance n Tom and me? "No... no... please, not here! " Brian Simon looked around the room, then in despair was Mr. Jefferson, still speaking in the first row. Now it was Tom 's turn to gasp, he saw Simon 's hand is almost as gloves puppet! Loved Brian shorts and Simon went to hang the arm , while his left arm thrust through between the legs of Brian and twisted to try to the past tight elasticc of the new letter. That was just an appropriate task Simons left and right hand, fingers groping and fly through the to get rid of the letter to Brian rigid element, the bright red beak wet No sunlight shone. Alex had an idea of ​​their own and became behind Brian. Brian knew that could not do with a subsequent attack and in front of horror, as he felt the waistband of his pants, pulled away from your body. Alex looked up inside and saw the white ass, then knowledge of reading the label. "San Miguel". whispered Tom, and let the elastic twang again, Brian let out a deep sigh of relief that some were small places, not hot n penetrate at all. " M and S" Tom nodded as they see how brilliantly repaired Simon performance. " Well guys, how are you ? " The trance was broken, which gradually seemed to see, looking at Mr. Jefferson different weights and springs in the bank that imposed separately. Tom looked at Alex and Alex saw Br. ian No one dared to look at Simon, who was so good, because it only had taken the entire length of the Brian is in the mouth. Brian looked like he was about was, pass, a hot and humid had swallowed his penis! " So it seems as if you understand it, then?" Said Lord Jefferson. N "Despite everything that comes before? " "Sorry, sir. " Muttered Alex, Brian, who saw the hope of a moral support. "Want to see results? " Brian smiled shyly and nodded. There was little he could do, else behind groaning in ecstasy. Simon had his hand in the n written by hand between the legs, Brian 's ass during your busy tongue licking all that was stuffed in her mouth. " No, just the graphics for homework. " He looked at Brian, in a way that is not looks good. Flushed. " Would you like to see the results, sir? Lolitas Top 100 " Asked Tom quickly distracted by Brian's situation. " Oh, you, you do with it ? " Mr. Jefferson took a few steps hand. " Where is a partner? " " Simon, " said Tom did his best to look a little lost," he is here somewhere.. Maybe he is helping someone else. " Brian was ejaculating almost to the point, to panic all affected by of cases, which amounted to see Mr. Jefferson to see, thought that if she had noticed , but apparently not. After holding her legs together in an attempt to pushed the inevitable invasion that Simon had now squeezed the hand of the with a finger stuck on the part of her butt. Simon, however, had decided that, although it was passed with a washable anal fingers do not want a drink cum all Brian 's hot, even with that the exact time anyway! Brian climax came quickly detect that threw back his head and appeared with a soft plop a sticky four inches. in a deft movement Simon put it again in his underwear and found , because moments later, Brian hips began to involuntarily idiots. Finally, Simon and excited not only resist grab the front ofSlip and rubbed his cum lubricated cotton and the axis of Brian. Mr. Jefferson had moved to the end of the bench and was more or less evolved from the hearing, where a very dusty defend Tom Simon. " Look. " Tom smiled and Brian saw was just standing there, holding the edge of the bench with his shorts to the knees. "It You do it to me and Alex? " " I have to wait a bit," says Simon looked around and quickly pulled the tip of his shorts out of your stomach, " I can only cum in my pants! " Tom has not bothered to look, but reached into the hole. Hot and viscous pulled it out and licked her fingers. " Weldon. Oh, look, I can not keep calling Weldon, what is your name? " " Arthur". murmured type of search on the ground thought it could never look at her again. "Everyone call art, who hates Arthur, Mississippi," he said softly, Nigel. " Well, the art," I saw Miss Jameson, "what shall we do? " " is, unfortunately, miss," said Nige. "Honest. " " I am sure it is, but let him speak. " She almost smiled. " Vía at me, please. " Slowly, he raised his face, very watery and red with shame n. " Miss? "N " I think we all know what happened, but I do not know how or what it was This eventually led to this terrible condition. Take a look at themselves. "N , sighed. His uniform was certainly an ill-fitting mess of the first n " Now, honestly, I can not believe your mother sends you to school Search Sun So what is ? " " You can not. No, "replied fast type. Gulped and visible hardened reads his mother did not want told. " Oh, no, no! You're not going to I say? You... is.. please.. no.. " The implication was clear, and was again about to go to tears at the very thought of it. " OK, well, if not, then you need be honest about what is happened and why, how you look. " She looked at him and after n igel: " Now I've decided that really uSantander, the circumstances of this case at best be treated by a teacher, right? " " Absolutely. "Said Nigel attract attention. " Do you know how lucky you are to have someone like Nigel are ? " " Yer. "Art is not happy if his determination croaked n finally broke and began to mourn again. " Do not.. but if you miss ? no.. no.. it! " " It 's who? "She said and stopped. " Oh, you mean to teachers ? I know I do if someone who not only says you need someone who can may be able to say and to understand their actions. " " No, not that man. Patton.. " His voice was cracking. " Oh, no, is not.. Please Miss " " No, oh no. I think we need someone a little more in tune with his Age. Perhaps, Mr. Weber, who is very good at this sort of thing. "He smiles briefly spread across his face:" Now go, or lost, what from the left side of the food. " At the time, manner and Nigel entered the room, it seemed as if the majority of the school hadand an embellished account of what, in the n what had happened. The only good thing was that in the narrative of art s vilified miraculously had grown two inches to about eight years and now have n foreskin to match whistles, catcalls and different degrees of gestures obscene welcome your aspect, which had the immediate effect that art is even more embarrassing than ever. Doing everything possible to ignore comments and ever to verify that the three buttons of his jacket were properly secured, red s face, Nigel was sitting there, which were Ian Martin and Richard. " Sorry, I meant.. " Richard was the first to speak, and obviously felt very guilty for his role in the fall arts. "OK " interrupted so that " not their fault. I knew that n fucked up the minute you call, she called me. " " At least it was not as Patton old bastard. "said Nigel, with a considerable number of sentiment. "Bastard". " Is it true you turned around and saw all kinds yer cock hard?"Finally, Martin asked, now can not refrain any longer. kind almost smiled at the idea of a celebrity, could not deny, it. "Yer, 'n my knees and tail out of Ian fucking with his pants around my fucking pants ! " " Shit, my pants ?" Ian asked. " Miss had a good eyeful !" This time I made ​​a friendly smile. "Shit ! " " So WOT now? Is that it? Do something else? " Ian said, " I mean, you got me clothes still on, and do not fit ? " " right. That's the damn problem, right? "Type sighed. "I was stupid, pussy stupid to take 'em today, I was gone? " smiled: " Well.. " Nigel and has a hit in the leg work. know " Yes, I screwed up. " No, says the art. "Apparently, Mr. Weber to speak with us. " Said Nigel. "I have not had before n. " " Oh, he's fine," said Richard, "I was in year n geography. " Oh! - yer, now called I think I'm that good. "Said Art Scratch the head. " Yer, okay. He was there. " " Oh, shit, "said Martin watch ordifferent in the door "to find yer ' No, because I think you 're looking for! " " Oh, shit. No!" Art heart sank. He looked away and closed her eyes n repeated. " I can handle, I can not stand it, I want to I said, Mom!" N "He is, he sees that asks if I've seen have been. " Said Ian. "Come mate, you'll be fine. At Lolitas Top 100 least, is the man, and young enough to remember, for n , a self- fuck! " With this type of sudden opened his eyes and started laughing. It was all always ridiculously surreal. On the opposite side of the room Simon was sitting quietly at a table with Tom, Alex, Brian, Joe and David. All the fun and excitement of the last lesson has been vaporized, Simon desperately worried about the art and rumors that they were taking. " I can not hear all I can say Lolitas Top 100 WOT? " Asked David, the spinning head to try to catch some of the conversations of the older boys to it. " Nah, do something innit last class of Miss Jameson? " Said Alex. " Well, that's WOT I think I've heard. " Said Tom turned to Joe, " that says You had heard that there was something about a man with a big fat penis as here all they have seen. " " But why make noise when Nigel and type in the game, " said Simon. N "and its tail is not so great. " For Tom, the connection was obvious. Simon was aware of the rumors its face value would not believe what he knew well, true. Concerned about his brother and know very well what he was dressed as that morning there was no escape from the truth. "Nigel has a big cock Gert, so they say. " David took the nose. "You I to be big one day? " " Lolitas Top 100 Bloody hope, four inches would not be very good if you are a guy who is! " Said Alex with a smile. " He is not quite sure that he happy ? " Simon said, nodding in the direction of art that really did not look good, even to love life in general. " Do you really think , who is he, then? " " I do not know. " Said Brian, even during the aftershocks following the spectacular performan in the physics laboratory. " Hey, WOT he doing here? " Tom suddenly said Mr. Weber, who was leaning over to talk to the guys at a table near the door. "He knows you do not insert the dinner do you? " "I think not. " Said David. "I do not I know? " N "He is looking for someone. " Said Alex. "Look to see who ' tis. " N "It's fucking true innit, fucking know. "' Simon said quietly. " Is he innit WoT bitch? You doing now? " " Well, that's something I know," said Brian suddenly seems to come back to life, "is that WOT said he looks half dressed anyway, so blinking someone who could have been there. " " no, no, WOT D 'that so real! WoT the hell do! Oh fucking hell when the mother finds out ! "Simon put his head in his hands. Set " going to be fucked murder in our house tonight! Is in itself has no idea of ​​WOT damn pleases ! We is hiding from her! " hand on Tom Simon 's shoulder and saw that Mr. Weber passed slowly Fine Arts at the table. A murmur went around the room, Simon opened the elooked through his fingers. " Oh, shit ! " Said Alex. "There, I'm sorry. " watching "It's so sad that it will be. " Response cast as Lord Simon Weaver leaned over to talk to Nigel and art. Who had followed him from the Hall. "Where you going? " Brian said. " You could go in the wilderness !" David said with a smile. "Fuckin 'hell Dave, your damn serious. " Simon snapped. "No fucking temperament to do is" know wot there like when your mother is a whore is. " " I'm sorry. " " Okay, I know. "Simon smiled slowly. " Sorry, but he is a stupid guy again. "N " Is there an office of the secretary of interior parts ? "Said Joe. N" bet this is where it leads. " " I think so. Well, if I look good, have about 20 minutes. ", said Tom, as he walked to his trusted Timex seemed to have been generally try something true when Ian model ", we might know something the rest of the afternoon. " " WOT do you think ? "Simon asked quietly. " Dunnor, " smiled Tom," but if we can help is to do what you have to ask innit. " ########################################### ##################### # ##### # Chapter 80 to follow
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